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Main FutureStarz Entrance

"Where will you feel most Creative?"

Our satisfied clients agree:

Future Starz Studios is where stars can shine!

Our 32,000 square foot multi-function entertainment complex contains a world of music excellence. Staffed by a knowledgeable, friendly, and personable team of highly trained professionals who understand your needs and strive to provide quality service.

Offering an abundance of flexibility and convenience, we can book your session for anytime - day or night! We can even accommodate special needs such as "graveyard" bookings. In addition to other services such as equipment rentals, video packages, catering, and recording (voice overs, podcasts, and YouTube shows). You can expect to benefit from the expertise of our experienced team of professionals who can provide assistance with every music need from technical support to press kits and photos.



Here at Future Starz we can

accommodate numerous recording needs. We have a total of 5 control rooms to record anything from 2-tracking you're rehearsal up to full HD multi-track recording.



All ready have your music recorded but it doesn't sound like it should be played on the radio. Not a problem, simply bring you're session or session stems and we can have your music sounding exactly how you want it to be heard.



Here at Future Starz we also offer a mastering service for bringing your music up to industry standard level and sound clarity.

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