The Room

This is our main recording studio. It is a large open room with two spacious isolation booths. This room is more than capable of handling all of your recording needs.


The Control Room

Complete with a full HD system, Control 24 console, and numerous pre-amps.


Do you need to cut a record? Track a single, or make a  two track recording of your rehearsal? Well you are at the right place! We have three main control rooms (and one more on the way) that can handle full multi track recording. In each of these control rooms we can record, mix, and master your music. We even have every rehearsal room connected to our control room so we can make a 2 track recording of your practice session.

Platinum A Control Room
Platinum A Rehearsal Room
The Rooms

Much like the configuration in Platinum A, this control room is connected to both Plat A performance area and our Showcase room. There is an isolation booth located within the control room for easy communication with the session engineer when tracking.



The Control Room

The Pro-Tools TDM system in Midi City is capable of up to 24 inputs. This room includes a TAC Scorpion console for mic pre-amps.

The Rooms

This control room is configured for post-production as opposed to tracking however we can track from Showcase, SkyBox, and the Penthouse rehearsal rooms.



The Control Room

The Pro-Tools TDM system is configured for post production work as well as having 32 inputs for tracking. The Stealth Room also has rack mounted guitar units as well as keyboards for overdubbing and replacing parts.

The Room

This control room is connected to our Fantasy room and has an isolation booth for vocals as well as other instruments.



The Control Room

Pro-Tools HD system with a control 24. The isolation booth has the Roland TD30 V-drum electronic drum set. 24 inputs are available for multitracking.

South Beach
The Rooms

This control room is primarily connected to rooms A, B, C, D, and E.



The Control Room

This room is running a Pro-tools TDM system and is used for 2-tracking your rehearsal session for you. The 2-tracks are good for demoing your music or listing back to parts you may not remember from your jam session.

Platinum A band space with isolation booths


15 Gloria Lane, Fairfield, NJ

Studio Rules

Rules are strictly enforced. No exceptions. Fail to comply and you will not be allowed back.

The following are not permitted.

-No smoking indoors

-No alcoholic beverages period

-No drugs period

Anytime in room beyond your scheduled time is considered billable overtime.


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