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Showcase Room Top Picture

The place to perform, shoot a video, or have a battle of the bands

Room rate doesn't change between the three

We have a curtain that runs across the back for those you that don't like the valiant space viking in the background. You are also welcome to hang your own back drop from the curtain if you wish. You have the ability show show off your live music skills when shooting a music video on our showcase stage, complete with a 3-tiered lighting system equipped with motion lights, strobes, and fog machines.

Need a place to perform? We can accommodate that. When booking showcase sessions you have access to all of the lights as well as the fog machines and engineer to bring your show to life. We have standing room on the main floor as well as extra seating on the upper balcony.

All lighting is programmable to fit your needs

(sample pre-sets below)

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